Bullet Journal – I want you to be on the same page

First post on my new blog! exciting times!

Just wanted to share my thoughts about Bullet Journaling, and where I am!
Actually I seem to be getting to the end of the day, and not filling in today’s log! Believe it or not I am now on Day 8!
OK so we are going to get on my page!
I stumbled across the website, last weekend, bullet journal with, now I am thinking how did I land there? Well I had been trailling different ways to record my task list for some time now, but last weekend I wasn’t searching for a new way. Go figure and that’s when you find the best.
Ok so it looks like I found it through lifehacker.com, a daily website I go to for life hacks. So was reading the autofocus list, and continued through to exist.io which then lead me to bulletjournal.
At the time, I didn’t know that what I did! go figure it was a Sunday Morning, when your just waking up, having coffee, which for me is a daily occurrence.
So your asking, what is bulletjournal?
I was instantly hooked! Read on. …
They first show the A5 notebook, and then create the pages as follows …
So they show you to create index pages, 2 2 Future log pages, 2 Monthly pages, and then the Daily Log for the month.
The Index is a list of where everything is and on what page number you will find, so you need to number all your pages.
Next the Future Log, so these pages are split up into three by drawing two lines across the page. You then need to write in the future months. What goes in here is things for the future, events, notes etc.
The Monthly pages, are a glimpse of that month, so the first page, you list all the dates, and then by each date the day just 1 M = 1st month, and M is Monday.
On the next page you write in all events and notes for that month.
Daily Log, I start with 13/09/T Date, Month, Day Format.
So after writing this out on the A4 pad, the next day I went out and bought an A5 Notebook, from Tescos, a basic laptop for £ 3 (normally £ 5)
After a few days lifehacker.com then writes up bulletjournal minus the hype.
Bullet Happy Journaling!
Please see the list below of all the links I found useful and mentioned in this post.

Lead Article- http://www.lifehacker.co.uk/2016/08/17/the-autofocus-super-simple-to-do-list
The Original- http://bulletjournal.com/
Few Days Later Article- http://www.lifehacker.co.uk/2016/09/09/the-bullet-journal-minus-the-hype-is-actually-a-really-good-planner

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