The 0xC1900101 – 46% – Rollback #HangthatFruit

Since 17704 I have been experiencing the code exception 0xC1900101.
The update gets to 46% restarts and then rolls back. This is on a Dell Latitude E5540, my surface pro 4 is fine
What have I tried so far?

  • Deleting Software Distribution folder
  • Getting latest drivers
  • Clean Boot as per (
  • Windows update troubleshooter – couldn’t fix it

Last resort I completely wiped it and started again, yeah you think it would work right?  wrong  still same issue.
So today… had another go at it.   I had already done the first two above, but not done a clean boot and I am positive I ran the windows update troubleshooter multiple times, and low and behold it said it couldn’t fix it and needed repair.
So desperate looking for a solution…. I tweeted friends in higher places..whilst waiting for a reply…I thought I would look for an answer….
Luckily I found on tenforums yet again they had a reset windows update script
I remember the days of winfix.bat back on Windows 7, its actually not changed much, so why not give it a shot…not a fan nowadays of running scripts I like to find or create my own.
anyway I ran the script..
Whilst that was happening @NorthFaceHiker liked and tweeted the post and stook out his hand to help…..he said “check the setuperr.log for goodness”….I had to wait for the second boot phase to complete…so I said “waiting for second boot phase hang that fruit”..but couldn’t believe my eyes it worked… how did Jason fix it ?    He has some magic taco twitter dust ! ?
Finally ………46% it jumped to 57% …woooo hoooooooo!  
#Hangthatfruit is born!

Resources for this post :
Windows update troubleshooter
Clean Boot
FIX: Reset Windows Update Script

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