When you think you have done everything?

Over the Holidays, I took some time tidying up the House, and Fiddling about with one of the computers and upgrading it to Windows 10, I forgot to switch it off, so I held in the power button, just to turn it off,  I went to sleep! zzzzzzzzz
The next day, I switched on. Nothing on screen!   ok loose cable I thought, no….
So did the following, turned off the rocker switch on the power supply, reseated graphics card, reseated the power cable to the motherboard, reseated the cable to hard drive…..memory……NO!
Motherboard dead? Gumph!
So I thought disconnect all power leads from each device, two on motherboard, one on hard drive, one on DVD Drive, Turned off the power supply on the rocker switch. Plugged all back in!  and guess what! its alive!!!!!!!!!
Did it short out?  so desensitising it ,  some cable fault?  power supply fault.
Your two cents please….
Maybe don’t hold the power button in.

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