UPDATE 2: Windows 10 16232 Update from 15063 Surface Pro 4

I  have been busy this weekend with a headache and pondering with Windows 10 16232 which got released to the slow ring (copy paste link from twitter, love the card!)

So I had already done this update to my Dell Laptop on the fast ring 16237.1001 (Dev Laptop as I call it) , but as its new build essentially it was all smooth sailing and it just updated !
So I have the Surface Pro 4, which I general use for Work purposes daily which I have on the slow ring 15063.447  v1703
Not forgetting the family desktop PC, on 15063.447  v1703
Ok so that is the basis of how I use each.
Friday 7th July 2017
Now onto the Surface Pro 4 update to 16232

  1. Announcement comes out lots of treats!  whoo hoo!   get excited like its Christmas!   Pull out the Surface…..
  2. In this update, you have to do a manual check for updates as per tweet, ok check updates and as per usual…yes here is the update!  whoo hoo!
  3. Ok so restart now….. (went to bed! Yawnnnnnn (after all the excitement)

Saturday 8th July 2017

  1. (Wake up) has it finished?   Shock! ?  Yes

So must have been on this all night long
So held the power button down, to get out of it (only way!)
Then got hit by this screen, UEFI screen ! ?  Huh ok I was expecting it to load the previous update screen.  ok so after some research we had to disable secure boot!
Its Restoring your previous version of Windows, now, phew!
So I thought something must be wrong with the update or Windows update, so bring out the troubleshooter, and it keeps coming up with database issue, if I do the normal thing of stopping Windows Update and BITS and rename the Software Distribution folder I get access denied (yes I am an administrator)
So after running the update troubleshooter fixes, start the update again, but still get Stuck at 75%.
Went back into Windows Update and got this screen Error 0x8000ffff
Had to give up and GO OUT NOW before I go nuts!
Tried several other attempts of the update again….
Filed feedback
Sunday 9th July 
Is it .Net 3.5 optional feature installed?  Yes, uninstalled but made no difference.
Was just thinking shall we check the windowsinsiders mixer channel vod?  what stage are we at here? Second Phase Boot….takes ages as it migrates files…hmmm so that makes some sense as others are hitting the problem.
So shall we check Reliability Monitor?  well it hasn’t failed yet?
Going through the video this is what I noticed….

  1. Ok I am seeing a soft hang…as the dots are going round, no mouse though
  2. Stuck at 75% – is this second boot phase? Yes.secondbootphase

So shall I leave it longer?   well I don’t know if its doing anything?   hmmm OK I will leave it see how long it takes………
Is this a to be continued post………..???????? Yes !
UPDATE: been running for the last 4 Hours! still stuck, but I managed to touch the screen! and now the dots have stopped?    Does this turn it into a hard hang?   
Ok shall we check logs etc? 
UPDATE 2:  Nothing conclusive in the logs. 
So this is what I did next, simple stuff but you will agree not everyone will have done it.

  • Disk Cleanup
  • Checked disk space ~ 23Gb Free  (oh!)
  • Onedrive taking up 40Gb of space (well its all backed up and going files on demand anyway! DELETE
  • Check apps I had installed, get rid of a few, namely some work apps, VPN etc

Then windows update started again, this time downloading updates 100% so waited…waited….preparing updates….waited…waited…went back to restart now, so fingers crossed……came back and oh at the login screen….. ??
first thoughts….oh it hasn’t done anything…..but WAIT!    Hi…………we have some updates for you …… :)))
So in the end was it just not enough disk space?, apps blocking update? bloated onedrive files taking too long at 75% stage??, well this was all covered in the insiders vod!
Well this sorted it for me…until next time WindowsInsiders!     😉

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